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Iran Publicy Executes Prisoners, Protests Continue

Update! Two more jouranlists arrested. Majid Saeedi and Satyar Emami

Iran has publicly executed 14 protesters at Lale park of Zahedan city.

Journalist Mehrdad Heydari is confirmed killed in prison. Protester Yaghoub Berwayeh has been identified after being killed by police days ago.

Young protesters are being raped in prison as part of their torture, according to reports.

Protests in several parts of Tehran with helicopters overhead and clashes with police. A large group of students protested at Tehran Medical University.

Strikes have left the streets desolate in Tehran, Saqez, Mahabad, Bokan, and Sardasht, and many northern Kurdish cities.

Iran is taking all passports of Iranians entering Iran to check backgrounds. The government has banned 1,200 people from appearing on TV.

Iran is checking facebook pages of all people at airports to see if they are tied to protests.

Facebook has begun closing accounts of anti-terrorism protesters but is leaving open white supremacist pages, stoking racism.

Names of those killed by police emerge. Yaqub Barvayeh, a student at Tehran University. Mehrdad Heydari, a journalist.

More high profile arrests. Abdolfattah Soltani is a lawyer who disputed the elections, and Shiva Nazar Ahari is a female blogger and activist. Dr. Mehdi Bvtraby is a blogger. Dr. Mahdi Botorabi is a blogger. Musician Mohsen Namjo was sentenced to five years in prison. At least 41 journalists remain in prison, according to Green Brief.

32 reformists were arrested in their homes. Here's a discussion on graffiti techniques.

Cell phones have been cut in many parts of Tehran.

Top hacker group Anonymous has issued a Fatwa against the Iranian government:

Video: Inside Documentary By Protesters with new footage of police violence and witness accounts:

Nightly chants from the rooftops continue as you can hear in this video of last night. Lots of female voices.

This forgotten film reveals Iran before the 1979 revolution, before Jimmy Carter screwed everything up. Claude Lelouch's documentary won six international awards and is widely regarded as one of the best documentaries ever made. But the international community has covered it up because it is friendly to the Pahlevi regime.

Looks so nice I could live there!

Breaking video of protester stabbed by police:

image by iranisabzpics

Chinese Repression Updates

Chinese police shot dead two Uighurs according to the Chinese government. Of course they say they were being violent.

China will cease electro-shock therapy on children addicted to the internet, claims China. Electrocution! That would explain all those wacko Chinese comments I get on my youtube videos...

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