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Iran Update: Police Murder Boy For Defending Old Woman

Reporter tells of torture during arrest:

He confirms that the police who arrested him were Lebanese.

Ahmadinejad seeks a meeting with Obama to boost his political image. ">Will Obama give him the credibility he so desperately needs? Time will tell.

Police murdered a 16-year old boy who defended an old lady say reports.

Police raided the home of Masoud Hashemzadeh, who was murdered by police while peaceful protesting, and arrested his father. The family was banned from holding a funeral and police confiscated photos, messages, and funeral material.

Police summon and arrest journalists every day according to many reporters in Iran.

Faces of victims of honor killings around the world over at atlas shrugs.

Facebook has been sued for allowing anti-Semetic groups to spread hate, even while Facebook deletes accounts of anti-terrorism groups.

There is a campaign to shut down Iran embassies around the world. See here.

Groups that lobby for Iran

Josh Shahryar's updates:

  • Dozens of Iranian-Armenians and Iranians protested in front of Caspian Airline’s office in Tehran today. A journalist covering the protests was arrested, but later freed.
  • The hunger strike in front of the UN building in New York continued today, despite the pouring rain. See pictures below – compliments of Mehdi Saharkhiz: onlymehdi, People singing so many ppl even in the rain.
  • In an interview with the BBC,US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, “The internal debates going on inside Iran have made it difficult, if not impossible, for them to pursue any diplomatic engagement, not just with us but anyone, like the P5+1 [permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany]. There is so much that is on hold.”
  • Saeed Shojaiezadeh and Khosro Mousvivand – students at Ahvaz’s Naft University – were detained yesterday.
  • More people have been detained during the past few days including: Ahmad Bahri – the founder of Mahabad Monthly who was arrested in Mahabad, Jafar Agha-Mohammadi – an activist from Maghan who was arrested in Maghan. Ramin Sultankhwah, Saeed Kashani, Zafar Mogheemi, Saeed Shamsaie and Abbas Zareh-Haqeeqi were arrested in Gonabad.
  • More reports indicate that missing protester, Alireza Eftekhari, was actually killed during protests. Mohsen Rohulamini – the son of the former Director of Pasteur Institute in Tehran and a top advisor to Mohsen Rezaie – who was feared to be in detention, has now also been confirmed to have died at Evin. Fahimeh Solahshoor – another protester – is confirmed to have died at a hospital after sustaining head injuries during protests on June 14th. Finally, Maisam Ebadi – a 17 year old protester – has also been confirmed to have died on June 13th.
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