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Iran Within 6 Months Of Nuke; China Makes $40 Billion Oil Deal With Iran

Sabatoge Suspected In Iran Plane Crash from conflicting information.

Iran Is Within Six Months Of Nuclear Weapons and Obama still wants to waste time with his "engagement strategy."

Ahmadinejad says: "Iranaian democracy is model for the world", "unprecedented," and "The June 12th election was the cleanest and freest election."

China made a $40 billion oil deal with Iran to that circumvents the West's sanctions.

Iran Claims The Blackbox From Yesterday's Airliner Crash Is Badly Damaged and won't likely yield information on how the crash happened. Just a little suspicious.

Seven Baha'i leaders in Iran will stand trial soon after being held in prison for 1 year for 'religious crimes.'

Breaking protest in front of slain Sohrab Aarabi's home:

Torture methods by Iranian government:

Nokia won a $1.5 billion deal with Brazil. Apparently Brazil couldn't resist the government surveillance feature that has led to so many tortures and deaths in Iran.

Latest from Niteowl/Josh Shahryar:

  • Iran’s Ministry of Energy has asked all Iranian citizens to lower their use of electricity in the late hours of the night. Protesters have been using electrical appliances en masse to disrupt the electricity supply in the country...
  • On Monday night, the main entrance to the Ministry of Information building in Mashhad was set on fire. It has been reported that this was done in retaliation for Monday’s murder of Mehrdad Heydari - a prominent journalist from Mashhad. Heydari’s death is rumored to be by the hands of security forces.
  • ...The security situation in Tabriz is very bad with large numbers of security forces in the area and ongoing arrests. However, there are no reliable reports coming out of Tabriz at this point...
  • Opposition members have started to sue government-owned newspapers for defamation, spreading rumors and slander. Sources claim that Mousavi’s office, as well as Khatami’s offices have sued Reja News, Fars News Agency, Iran Daily and Keyhan Daily...
  • ...Mousavi [is] reportedly forming a new political front... Confirmed...
  • ...Hamshahri Newspaper had fired some of its staff members... one of those staff members, Marjan Abdul-Hayan (a technician), has been arrested. Koroush Javan, a photographer for Khorshid Newspaper, has also been arrested. Reports indicate that three of Javan’s roommates were also detained with him...
  • The families of many political prisoners held a press conference today in Tehran. They proclaimed that all their efforts in contacting their loved ones had failed thus far.
  • New reports have emerged that the Iranian government has stored the bodies of hundreds of protesters killed during the unrest in Southwest Tehran - instead of giving them to their loved ones. Norooz - an online Iranian news service - claims that one family was taken to a building and shown pictures of hundreds of dead detainees in order to identify their loved one. It should be noted that the building they were taken to was one that stored frozen fruit...
  • Reports on the death of an 18 year old boy, who had been shot during the protests and was in a coma, emerged today from Shiraz. The slain boy was named Arman Estakhripour.
  • It has been reported that IRIB has prepared a “blacklist” of hundreds of names – possibly as high as 1,000 – including politicians, journalists, and other prominent Iranians. They have purportedly handed this list over to all of their TV Stations with strict instructions to NEVER allow those “blacklisted” to appear on any of the government-run stations.

Russian human rights activists were killed apparently by government clandestine operations

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