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USA Today/SLT Fall Behind "Victimized Gays" Detained On Mormon Temple Plaza

Matt Aune and Derek Jones were asked to leave a plaza owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints after a security guard spotted them kissing and hugging. When the gay couple refused to budge and screamed lewd language at the guards, they were detained and police cited them with trespassing.

Since Friday, the liberal media has trumpeted this incident as a gay cause of inequality. The two men claim straight couples are allowed to kiss and hug there. The church, however, says that the men were "politely asked to stop engaging in inappropriate behavior — just as any other couple would have been." Indeed, no person is allowed to exhibit public displays of affection on this private property.

There was a lengthy period of time before the detainment in which the guards tried to reason with the men, a fact that every media report so far has ignored. The men claimed they didn't know it was private property, according to ABC, but this is an obvious lie since the guards explained it to them in detail before the detainment. Don't expect the media to report that!

In 2003, the public easement of the property was dropped by the city in a controversial land deal in which the church gave land to the cityfor a community center. Back then the 'gay rights' protesters were livid at the deal because it meant they could no longer scream obscenities through bull horns at Mormon couples who had just been married in the temple.

USA Today still can't get over the fact that the church was allowed to own private property. The newspaper is outraged that the church was allowed to keep the plaza's "public sounding name."

The Associated Press, USA Today, and Salt Lake Tribune fail to report that the men claimed the guards assaulted them. We wouldn't want to damage their credibility by reporting their ridiculous claims after all! The men said "they weren't the police so they had no business restraining us." Doesn't take a lawyer to figure this one out, guys!

USA Today called on gay couples everywhere to engage in illegal trespassing, to "swarm" the Main Street Plaza. The newspaper wonders, "Can Mormons enforce 'no kissing' on Salt Lake City plaza?" Today, couples took up the cause and kissed near the plaza.

The Salt Lake Tribune applauded today's protest, calling it "genial, and even merry." Many trespassed onto the plaza, but were not cited or arrested. The Tribine demonized the church's "prepared statements" and complained that protesters were "pushed" by guards when they refused to leave the private property.

The Salt Lake Tribune falsely reports that the original couple were "detained by Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints security guards after one man kissed the other on the cheek Thursday." The truth is that they were detained after they refused to leave private property and became violent.

Newsblaze repeated the same lie, calling it a "chaste kiss on the cheek." The newspaper falsely reports that they were arrested (actually, they weren't arrested they were detained) for "daring to hold hands in public." Fact is, it was private property.

The fascist newspaper concludes: "We should always be vigilant lest churches grab too much power." Apparently churches shouldn't be allowed to own property.

The Mormon church is currently the fourth largest denomination in the U.S. and is the only church in the top five that is increasing its membership.

[image by Ken Lund on flickr]

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