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World Media Repeat China's Propaganda In Xinjiang Reporting

Epoch Times- "But media experts and Uyghur activists say that China’s state-controlled media are working to frame the story in favor of the regime, a strategy one Hong Kong-based Chinese media expert calls “Control 2.0.”

“By getting the information out, officials can get the ‘peripheral media’ (influential portal news sites, and commercial newspapers) to work for them,” writes David Bandurski editor of the China Media Project Web site in his analysis of the earlier riots in Shishou.

“These media feed off of the original Xinhua reports, amplifying their effect. Those same reports, with only slight permutations in many cases, become AFP, Reuters, and AP reports.

Using this method, Bandurski says the Chinese regime can kill negative information and keep “rabble-rousing professional media away.”

While Chinese state media set the tone for reporting, the regime worked to cut uncontrolled information from escaping the region."


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