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New Video Is Evidence Obama Checked Out 16 Yr Old?

His head moves right along perfectly in sync with the large derier passing in front of it. Was it a check out or was Obama helping his escort down the stairs?

ABC News thinks they've cleared Obama's name with their video. "Hmm let me help her down these stairs," ABC narrates," I better let her pass!"

But ABC's video is shot straight on and doesn't show the depth perspective. This other video shows Obama's eyes weren't on the stairs or at his escorts feet. His eyes were not on the stairs. His eyes were not on his escorts feet. His eyes were not at eye level. His eyes were right at the underage girl's bottom.

Sarkozy was much less discreet.

MSNBC called the allegation a racist "right wing smear." They said Drudge Report reported the photo because they had a "racist stereotype of an oversexed black man being a predator.”

The mother of the girl is angry, saying if she had know she would have "boxed their ears."

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