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Outrage! Iraq Army Invades Iran Opposition Camp

Iraqi forces have clashed for days with an Iranian opposition group, killing and wounding the exiles. The Iran government thanked Iraq.

Secret prisons have been discovered in the Iranian Intelligence Ministry. Iran recently closed an "overflow" prison and released 140 protesters.

Thousands are expected to march tomorrow as Iran braces for clashes.

Iran proudly announces that leakers of protest footage have been arrested and will be tried for providing truth to 'foreign media.'

Reporter Alireza Eftekhari was killed by police in June, confirmed.

A 16 year old detainee was beaten to death in prison in front of more than 200 other detainees at Kahrizak. More killed protesters have been identified.

Two prisoners were hung for being Sunni in Zahedan, Sistan o Baluchestan province.

Female prisoners must shower in public hallways and have no access to clean air or water in their cramped cells.

Prisoners had fingernails torn out and were forced to lick dirty toilets in the overcrowded prisons. Some have been beaten to death.

The European Union will attend the swearing in of President Ahmadinejad in a show of support, says Italy's Foreign Minister.

Fourty-eight protesters who have been tortured and killed have been identified here.

Two Basij police have been identified: Hossein Bagherzadeh and Seyyed Abbass Rasooli

Ousted Honduras President Zelaya met with Obama at the White House in another digusting display of support for the would-be dicatator.

U.S. revoked diplomat visas for Honduras officials as another punishment for fighting communist dictatoriship.

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