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Romney Skyrockets To Top GOP Candidate, Though You Wouldn't Know It

Over at Who Runs Gov the headline is Among Republicans, Most Popular GOP Figure Is Palin, By A Mile.

The entire article is based on a Pew poll result which headlines Romney's Image Improves; Palin Well Regarded by Republican Base. Looks like Greg Sargent just repeated a news report but spun it with exactly the opposite message.

Fact is Romney has gained the lead in the GOP 2012 race. The Pew numbers show Romney has gained 10% approval. His approval is 12% higher than his disapproval. Palin's numbers haven't changed much and her disapproval is even with her approval. Most media spin this recent poll the opposite direction, suggesting that Palin is increasing her lead over Republican contenders.

Romney's increased image is across the board: "In February 2008, just 29% of independents had a positive impression of Romney while 46% had a negative view. Today, that balance is reversed: 44% view Romney favorably and 25% unfavorably."

While this poll gives Palin a lead among Republicans, yesterday's Rasmussen Poll puts Romney at the top among Republicans.

He leads Palin by 10% among Republicans who put fiscal concerns as their top priority. In general, Romney leads among Republicans with 25%. Palin hurt her chances by resigning as governor, say 40%, while only 24% say it was smart.


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