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Thousands Of Protesters Defy Crackdown In Iran, Police Shoot

Thousands of peaceful protesters commemorated the anniversary of bloody student unrest in 1999 with a peaceful protest. Many carried flowers or Korans.

Police shot three people

Police threw people off Pedestrian bridges and shot tear gas into buses. Clashes in Shiraz, Saatad Abad, and at Evin Prison as well.

At least 30 protesters arrested at Tehran University.At least 10 were arrested in Ebghelab Square as police fired shots into the air, used teargas, and confiscated drivers licenses.

Police beat a woman say witnesses.

Iranian websites ask for help identifying protesters, who will then be arrested and tortured. See here More than 500 cyclists are taking pictures of people in the crowd.

Revolutionary Guard in front of Interior Ministry building and at Enghlab Square. Army helicopters in the sky. Protests in front of the Chinese embassy.

A key opposition leader returned to Iran. Roozbeh Farahanipour was jailed and tortured for his role in the 1999 protests.

Secret police attacked Amirkabir University.

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