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ABC Lies: Protests Against Obamacare Are "Orchestrated" And "Birther Mob"

ABC News cheered the White House intolerance for dissent, as they reported that "The White House is fighting Internet fire with fire." ABC repeated the baseless claim that these protests against socialized healthcare "appears to be orchestrated."

ABC went on to report "Clearly, some of it is organized."

Before ABC broadcast Obama's special infomercial for his socialized healthcare during prime time, it was discovered that ABC's "objective" senior medical editor donated to Barack Obama, which effected his bias in coverage of Obamacare.

ABC stepped up their attack on the protesters, making the ridiculous and outrageous claim that they are just "irrational birthers who want to 'destroy' President Obama." Not only are they staged by interest groups, reports ABC erroneously, but "desperate Republicans and their well funded allies [who are] organizing angry mobs -- just like they did during the election."

via newsbusters

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