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AP Attacks Small Utah Newspaper That Refuses To Advertise Gay Wedding

Utah paper rejects same-sex wedding announcement

The Associated Press is outraged that the Spectrum in St. George (Utah) declined to run an announcement for a "gay marriage" that occurred in San Francisco (California)... a year ago.

The gay couple, Tyler Barrick and Spencer Jones, told AP that they are "entitled" to "celebration" by having it advertised.

The small newspaper defended themselves, saying their policy is to only run marriages recognized by Utah law. Sounds reasonable enough, but AP is not at all satisfied.

Turns out the usual suspect, The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, is behind the attack on free press. AP also admits that this is all just another attack on the Mormon Church: Barrick and Jones are both apparently excommunicated from the Mormon Church, and their agenda behind this attack is that they want "gay and lesbian kids who are surely all over the place in southern Utah" to see gay marriage.

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