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AP Calls Al Franken's Silly Discussion With Sotomayer: "Thoughtful Questioning"

The Associated Press press practically wants to have Democrat Al Franken's baby in this report:

"Just weeks into his Senate term, Al Franken's portfolio compares favorably to any of the Senate's freshman members. He loves policy. He has signed on as co-sponsor to a half dozen bills, asked thoughtful questions of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, and immersed himself in a thorny debate over health care reform."

"...he was able to ask illuminating questions to the judge. He brimmed with pride when he discussed praise from Dahlia Lithwick, a legal writer for Slate magazine, who praised his performance."

The Library of Congress only lists two bills sponsored by Franken. So either AP is lying or the records don't show it. There's the Veterans Service Dog bill, which USA Today and everyone else went ecstatic over, and there's an unreported S AMDT 1570, which is another BS environmentalist, global warming scam. AP and everyone else only mention the Veterans Service Dog bill.

As I reported earlier, Al Franken's question of Sotomayer was perhaps the most pathetic thing I've ever seen. It is outrageous that AP would praise it as anything more than comedy.

AP's lies and blatant cover-ups come only with lavish praise for the comedian: ""He's a very friendly guy and very outgoing," Harkin said. "He's an easy guy to get to know.""

AP finishes up the brainwashing with the biggest BS of all:

"Apart from a few encounters coming on and off the Senate floor, Franken has largely avoided national media and broadcast outlets, granting interviews to media with a Minnesota focus."

A few paragraphs later: "... he told the AP. "I've got to get up..." Looks like an interview to me!

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Inspector Clouseau said...

That folks expect that the cultural pendulum will not, or should not, swing back and forth, and that Newtonian physics are not applicable to life, is fascinating. Elected officials come with all points of view, and represent the full spectrum of values. Why shouldn’t the people who they appoint? "You Can't Always Get What You Want."