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AP Ignores Arrest Of Man Who Asked Rep. Shea-Porter About Astroturfers

Here's the video:

Here's the Associated Press report:

Tensions High At Health Care Meetings

Sure tensions ran high, but in this report about U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter's town hall meeting, there is no mention of this constituent, who apparently was arrested for asking the wrong question.

Tension arises in the crowd as Shea-Porter dodges questions about why she was union enforcers in the crowd. As you can see from the video, AP lies when they report that the booes came when she said: "the government would cut costs by targeting waste and fraud."

AP is just making stuff up now!

But it gets better! AP says that the crowd exploded as Shea brilliantly brought forth more good hope: "Faced with shouts that health care reform was a government takeover, Shea-Porter told the crowd that the bill would give consumers more choice."

And no mention that this man, who was one of the less disruptive people who stood up and shouted, was arrested simply for pointing out that the meeting was planted with astroturfers. Perhaps they came in answer to a craigslist ad...

Shea-Porter can be heard taunting the man as he is being arrested: "I do hope the movie theater can be a little quieter for you." But get this...

Turns out Shea-Porter herself was forcibly removed from a President George Bush meeting for being disruptive. In a protest at the State House she dressed in a Nazi uniform.

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