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AP Praises Anti-Capitalism Communist As 'Persecuted Fighter For Democracy'

93-year-old RI man who fought in Spanish Civil War receives honorary Spanish citizenship

AP- "In 1937, John Hovan volunteered to travel to Spain and fight on the side of democracy against Gen. Francisco Franco's fascist forces in the Spanish Civil War."

The Associated Press admits that John Hovan, who was awarded by Spain for volunteering in the fight against Fascist Spain, is a "self-described Communist." But then AP portrays him as a victim of the McCarthy witch-hunt, reporting that his office was painted with swastikas. That's actually a lie. The House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) questioned him, not the Senate.

AP goes on to describe how Hovan was persecuted and lost his job because of his service. Obviously the lesson is that communists fight for democracy, even though they are persecuted by the very capitalistic pigs they fought to defend.

But let's take a closer look. Hovan worked for the American League Against War and Fascism, which is a communist group who's duty is to stamp out "the rapid rise of Fascism" which "arises inevitably out of the very nature of monopolistic capitalism."

They were committed to "opposing all attempts to weaken or destroy the Soviet Union," which led FDR's Attorney General Francis Biddle to condemn them. As AIM reports, Soviet-controlled commercial outfits funded the group which gave "unwavering praise of Moscow as the world's only champion of peace and justice," wrote M. Stanton Evans.

The group's manifesto called: "To support the peace policies of the Soviet Union... to oppose all attempts to weaken the Soviet Union, whether these take the form of misrepresentation and false propaganda, diplomatic maneuvering, or intervention by imperialist governments," such as the United States. So much for the name.

AIM reports that the ALAWF actually supported Adolf Hitler at the beginning while he was getting along with the communists.

AP only cites sources friendly with the group, and then praises Hovan for his volunteer work in getting Barack Obama elected President.

Such praise would have a whole different meaning if AP reported the whole truth.

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