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Media Blasts Conservative Protesters For Nazi Poster- From Democrat Infiltator

Update... CBS is the latest to report the lie that a conservative held the Obama/Hitler poster.

Update... Rep. Sheila Jackson claims the video was doctored! video here

MBC, CNN, and MSNBC blasted conservative protesters "at so-called town hall meetings" for comparing Obama to Hitler. Each highlighted a sign from a supposed protester which shows Obama with a Hitler mustache.

NBC insinuates that Rush Limbaugh is behind the poster. They show the image on screen and say: "Some anger on display gets stoked by the provocative megaphone of Rush Limbaugh." An MSNBC report says: "Rush Limbaugh Compares Obama Health Logo To Nazi Swastika" just under an image of the poster.

The sign came from a Democrat plant, however. The bottom reads: "" You can find the image at LaRouche's website. LaRouche is a Democrat who ran for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States seven times.

The man carrying the sign was a Rep. Dingell supporter. Witnesses say the African-American man holding the sign was seen handing out pro-Obamacare flyers later on. More...

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