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MSNBC Lies About Healthcare Protesters, Compares To Hezbollah Terrorists

"When Hamas or Hezbollah does it it's called terrorism."

Keith Olbermann says that the conservative protesters at town hall meetings are terrorists for "spreading lies" and "convincing a dissatisfied portion of the population to believe their propaganda and to act out in anger." Olbermann fails to mention that 100% of the violence came from LIBERALS, from pro-Obama unions who attack the conservatives.

Olbermann gives the oft-repeated lie that the protesters against socialized healthcare are astroturfing and organized by insurance companies. Nevermind that drug companies actually support Obama's plan.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow also spewed vile lies about the protesters who simply excercise their freedom os speech, establishing strawman arguments of "conspiracy theories" and ridiculing them. She says the bill is "not government-run healthcare" and that it won't mandate abortions and end-of-treatment sessions. Complete lies.

It is fact, FACT, that elderly will have mandatory end-of-treatment sessions and the disabled will receive secondary treatment behind the healthy.

Under Section 1233, the federal government can compel more frequent end-of-life sessions if it declares a "significant change" in the health of the Medicare recipient. The bill even empowers physicians to make an "actionable medical order" to "limit some or all specified interventions..." White House's Emanuel said explicitly: medical care should be reserved for the non-disabled.

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