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Photos Of Sacramento California Tea Party Protest

At least 10,000 people protested at the steps of the Capitol Building in Sacramento, California. There were particularly many Hispanic and immigrant protesters in attendance because of recent environmentalist action that has shut off most irrigation pumps to farmers and left 40% of the workers unemployed.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenbackstabber unfortunately wasn't in attendance.

Hundreds of trucks circled the capitol in protest of environmentalist regulations that have severely hurt the trucking industry. Here are some photos and videos I took (click to enlarge):

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) was a main target of the protest. New regulations for cleaner engines have cost the industry over $5.5 billion and put many companies out of business.

One speaker made the interesting point that because environmentalists have cut the logging industry by 90% since 1992, dead wood has led to massive fires that put over 200 million tons of carbon dioxide into the air. Kinda counterproductive.

Almost all farms in California are barren wastelands these days because liberals think water pumps hurt endangered fish. Never mind that the fish in question isn't even native to the state and doesn't belong there! Until very recently, California was the nation's top producer of agriculture. It especially hurts during this year's severe drought.

Speakers from many various industries bemoaned how liberals are putting them out of business, and causing millions to flee the state.

LA Times made it sound like this was all about a proposal to ban sales of large-screen televisions, which was mentioned briefly I think.

LA Times blatantly lies when it reports there there were "substantially fewer" in attendance than the predicted 10,000. There were in fact more than this number.

The Nazi astroturfing right-wing radicals were out in full force, as you can see! These looked especially heinous

These violent thugs were some of the more dangerous mobsters in attendance.

^^^ These minorities gave up all rights to call themselves minorities when they became conservatives.

And what protest in California would be complete without a "legalize marijuana" Ron Paul infiltrator?

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