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Police Report Contradicts AP's Version Of The "Mormon Plaza Gay Kiss" Incident

AP reported that the gay couple were detained because of "a kiss on the cheek"- just "a hug and kiss."

In that report, AP failed to relay LDS Church spokeswoman Kim Farah's assertion that it incident "was more involved than a simple kiss on the cheek."

Recently the church claimed "They engaged in passionate kissing, groping, profane and lewd language and had obviously been using alcohol... When they became belligerent, the two individuals were asked to leave church property."

You won't see the Associated Press report this.

Come to find out, the police report, which has been available for a month, states that the two had been drinking earlier at the Gallivan center, and that one smelled of alcohol. It states that they indeed kissed.

Salt Lake Tribune deceives when they report that surveillence video shows "scuffle, but no kiss". The video starts well after the kiss supposedly happened, as the gay men were yelling at guards. The SLT implies that the kiss never happened; interesting considering the men admitted to it.

The couple will not be charged for tresspassing, proving that gays are above the law if they whine enough.

Outraged gays have tresspassed on church property around the country to kiss, with more protests planned. This started when USA Today called for the illegal protests and complained that the church is allowed to own property. The Salt Lake Tribune likwise applauded the protests calling them merry. Most media, including Newsblaze called it a modest kiss on the cheek.

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