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AP Blames Violence On Conservatives, Lies About G20 Violence

The Associated Press blamed "a political opponent" for an attack on a politician soon after Nancy Pelosi claimed right-wing media was inspiring violent protests.Mobs!

The Atlantic News Telegraph reported only that the man had wanted to attack him for years because of something he said about his niece. Politics wasn't mentioned.

The big-shot media called the tea parties "racist" and "Nazi."

Liberal blogs screamed right-wing violence after AP reported a census worker had "fed" scrawled on his chest and died, a claim that has still not been verified. For the last several months I have documented the illogical screams of right-wing violence from liberal media.

Now days after Michael Moore creates a movie that condemns Capitalism as "evil," we have hundreds of anti-Capitalists crashing and looting stores in Pittsburgh. Times Online reported widespread violence.

No media has dared blame Michael Moore for the violence. No media is talking about incitement from left-wing media.

AP even defends the protesters: "More than 1,000 protesters are on the move in Pittsburgh for what has been billed as a peaceful protest against the Group of 20 summit."

AP's earlier lie: "there are no reports of large gatherings or vandalism." Anyone watching CNN knows that's not true!

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