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AP Mourns Muslim Victims On 9/11

Is it fair to call this race baiting?

A reminder from the Associated Press: The United States unfairly hates Muslims and persecutes them with "drumbeating or warmongering" because of the actions of a few mad-men.

It could be worse! Not the best day for CNN!

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Who is John Galt? said...

I think Muslims SHOULD get a sick feeling in their stomach on 9/11, just as Germans should get a sick feeling in their stomach when they go by Auschwitz. Their religion went horribly wrong that day and they should be ashamed of it. Why haven't we seen these same, poor "victimized" Muslims decrying what was done that day and calling for an eradication of extremist Muslims who believe in jihad? Could it be they sympathize with them just a little? Then again I say, they should have a sick feeling in their stomach!