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AP Omits Key Facts In Report On China Riots

The Associated Press reported that thousands protested in China's western Xinjiang region.

AP reported that the ethnic riots resulted from alleged needle attacks by Muslim Uighurs on Han Chinese. Zhang Hong, vice-mayor of Urumqi blamed Muslims. State media reports contradict this, however. Victims included Uighur, Kazakh, and Mongolian people.

Five people died in the riots, probably Musims. AP missed this little fact.

AP also missed this little fact: "(AFP)- On Thursday and again on Friday, protesters called for the resignation of regional Communist party boss Wang Lequan, a close ally of President Hu Jintao."

Apparently Han Chinese also resent the communist government in this rebellious region. The government's brutal crackdown on these riots, and their quick blame of Muslim minorities certainly doesn't help.

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