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AP Omits Leftist Violence In Report On Honduras Crackdown

Update! AP now calls Honduras a coup-installed government and "authoritarian". Terrible bias.

Honduras limits key freedoms to block rebellion (link falsely titled "Honduras coup")

Journalism from the Associated Press is just pathetic. AP omitted any mention of violence or civil unrest in a report on the government limiting "key freedoms."

AP reports that Zelaya called on supporters to stage mass marches, and seems to ridicule Honduras' labeling this as "calls for insurrection." Honduras claimed the crackdown on public gatherings was intended "to guarantee peace and public order in the country and due to the calls for insurrection that Mr. Zelaya has publicly made."

But AP does not mention any violence at all.

Fact is, protesters have led violence riots through the city in recent days, torching cars, breaking windows, and invading homes. AP has yet to mention any of this.

AP also complains about a clamp-down on any media in Honduras that "attack peace and the public order." But the leftist media in Honduras has falsified video to attack the government. Reuters also staged photos of police violence.

What else isn't AP reporting? Quite a lot. For example, no mention anywhere that Zelaya claimed he was tortured by Jews with mind-altering gas.

AP makes the unsubstantiated claim that the entire "international community" recognizes Zelaya as the true president. AP also makes the unsubstantiated claim that Zelaya had "thousands of his supporters outside the Embassy."

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