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AP/ Reuters Cover Up Hillary Clinton's Support For Zelaya's Return

Clinton praised Zelaya's incendiary return to Honduras, saying it pushes along her plan to restore the leftist to power. Manuel Zelaya "breathed new life into his efforts to regain office by slipping into the country and taking shelter in the Brazilian Embassy" she said.

Costa Rican President Oscar Arias, who spoke with Clinton, agreed his return created the chance to restore “constitutional and democratic order” and move ahead with elections in November, Bloomberg reports.

The Associated Press failed to report any of this. They only quoted Clinton's call for a "channel of communication" between marxist Zalaya and the president. AP reports Clinton "urged both sides to look for a peaceful solution to the crisis."

That's not the whole truth, according to Bloomberg's report.

Reuters repeated the half-truth, that Clinton called for peace and communication. In an entire article on Clinton's words, Reuters completely missed her praise of Zelaya's return as the "next step" for his return to power.

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