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CNN Busted for False Report of Terrorist Activity Near Pentagon

The White House ridiculed CNN today for creating a false report of terrorist activity near the Pentagon. Listening in on the radio channel of the Coast Guard, CNN mistook mild training exercise for an altercation with a mysterious boat and 10 rounds fired. They also began airing images of boats circling in the water and the story broke on the cable news station. The report forced D.C. police and federal agents to swarm into the area and the Federal Aviation Administration put flights on hold at nearby Reagan National Airport. CNN later admitted they acted very stupidly.

More than an hour after its first reports, CNN anchor Kyra Phillips said on the air that CNN's initial report stemmed from someone saying "bang, bang, bang" over a radio frequency monitored by the network's police scanner.

"We did call the Coast Guard, and the Coast Guard said, 'We don't know what you're talking about,"' she said. CNN went ahead with the story based on a reporter's other sources, Phillips said.

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