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CNN Calls Christian-Convert "Muslim Teen From Ohio"

Muslim teen fears for life after changing religion

For those of you who speak logically, that would be an 18 year old who converted from Islam to Christianity. CNN insists on beginning the report: "A Muslim teenager from Ohio..."

Once a Muslim, always a Muslim.

CNN continues the media shilling of the Muslim father who said she was brainwashed and kidnapped by a Christian cult. AP reports: "Although Mohamed Bary said he did not expect his daughter to run away, Rifqa Bary was placed in foster care by an Orlando judge..." Wait a sec... The girl should only be placed in foster care if Mohamed expected her to run away?

CNN reports that some accused the parents' Ohio mosque of having ties to terrorism and radical Islam, but never says what those ties are.

A top scholar at Noor called for the genocide of Jews. "Oh Allah, count their numbers, and kill them, down to the very last one."

A Noor Center speaker said eating left-handed is Satanic. A resident scholar at Noor said Jews killed John F. Kennedy, and called for Islamic theocracy in America.

The Noor Center hosted an apologist from terrorist Hezbollah on the 25th anniversary of the terrorist Beirut embassy bombing. An unindicted co-conspirator of the 1993 WTC Bombing is a regular speaker at Noor.

Rifqa was sexually abused by her uncle according to allegations. Zero mention from CNN.

Her father and brother left bruises on her arms and legs, again no mention from CNN. She went to see school councelors about the beatings, but they did nothing. CNN mentions only that her father allegedly punched her face for refusing to cover her hair.

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