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CNN: "Teabaggers are Poor, Uneducated, Easy To Command," and Racist

Pure radical hatred for non-liberals Time Warner's meltdown continues:

Time- "My sense of the teabaggers is more complicated: they are primarily working-class, largely rural and elderly white people. They are freaked by the economy. They are also freaked by the government spending...

But most of all, they are freaked by an amorphous feeling that they [sic] America they imagined they were living in--Sarah Palin's fantasy America--is a different place now, changing for the worse, overrun by furriners of all sorts: Latinos, South Asians, East Asians, say nothing of liberated, uppity blacks. In that sense, Barack

Obama is the apotheosis of all they fear... The Republican Party has pursued an implicitly racist "southern strategy" since the late 1960s...

Finally, I should say that the things that scare the teabaggers--the renewed sense of public purpose and government activism, the burgeoning racial diversity, urbanity and cosmopolitanism--are among the things I find most precious and exhilarating about this country. And even though the teabaggers' pinched , paranoid sensibilities are now being stoked by Boss Rush and the leaders of the Republican party, I take comfort in this: the racists and nativists have always been with us, and they have always lost."

Besides resorting to explicit sexual insults, as the liberal media likes to do, Klein engages a number of simple logical fallacies. He screams bigotry without a bit of evidence, and uses this as the sole reason to expand Obama's powers. Burgeoning racial diversity is all-important. Dictatorship now!

This reads like a High School newspaper. It comes on the heels of a nasty headline article attacking Glenn Beck as a "fearful clown."

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