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Deutsche Welle Lies About Violence At Muslim Protest

Harrow Times reported that "violent scuffles... broke out in the Wealdstone streets when around a dozen men turned up to support the anti-mosque demo. Scores of young Asian men chased the group back to Harrow and Wealdstone station, leading to a stand-off with police who had formed a protective ring around the men..."

This video shows those Muslim youths attacking police and journalists. The Harrow Times glosses over the violence: "there were sporadic clashes when small groups of racists attempted to get near the mosque."

The group responsible for the violence, the Unite Against Fascism UAF, admits: "The racists were chased off by groups of Muslim youths, leading to occasional clashes with police."

Oh but they are the victims! "UAF believes the blame for these incidents lies firmly with the racists trying to intimidate Muslims, not with the youths trying to protect their community." Ten Muslim youths were arrested. Their violent attack follows effort to ban their freedom to protest the building of the mosque.

Deutche Welle blatantly lies: "There are conflicting reports as to which group was the aggressor." Actually it is very clear.

AFP lies in their report that SIOE supporters were skinheads. Stop the Islamisation of Europe organized the protest, which was disrupted by Muslim counter-protesters who rioted. But this is Deutsche Welle we're talking about! Anyone who might possibly be Nazi is the evil one!

Deutsche Welle also fails to report that the 30 arrested at a rally against Islamic fundamentalism in Birmingham were also violent Muslims, as they bring up that recent violence to falsely portray the SIOE as violent racists.

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