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Google Snubs 9/11, Bing Honors the Fallen

"Google this: 'Patriotism'" on American Thinker:

Built into the internet giant Google's marketing identity is the quirky, distinctive way in which it incorporates little symbolic ‘doodles' into its logo on those days it deems socially significant. In the past we have been treated to everything from a grinning moose on ‘Canada Day' to a tangled tribute on Jackson Pollock's birthday. Google has celebrated the Chinese New Year with little mice and commemorated Veterans Day with an assortment of military hats. So what touching, compassionate memorial have these creative denizens produced in tribute to this century's most devastating and deeply felt American anniversary?
Nothing. [...]
By contrast, are running a beautiful backdrop of the light at Ground Zero today; have a photographic tribute embedded into their homepage. So, in the absence of a fitting tribute from Google, I propose that thinking Americans make a small gesture of their own: make this September 11th the last time you Google. [Read more]
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