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Liberal Media Defends 'Child Molester,' Readers revolt

Kim Masters writes on Huffington Post: "I'm not going to go into my Roman Polanski defense. I've been doing this all morning, nearly ranting and raving... I'm not happy about his arrest."

She links to her personal blog which reads: "I find some of the hysteria bordering on insane... I believe the case should have moved along as originally settled by all parties, and not turned into the witch hunt it has become... this should have been laid to rest decades ago."

She says for some reason she is getting a lot of negative comments.

Bernard-Henri Levy relays on Huffington Post a petition an behalf of the alleged child molester. He complains that Polanski was "apprehended like a common terrorist" and calls on authorities to "free him immediately and not to turn this ingenious filmmaker into a martyr of a politico-legal imbroglio."

On Huffington Post, John Farr pleads for understanding of "what Polanski suffered," in his reported titled "Leniency for Polanski." He points out "mitigating factors" and condemns the "sneak attack." He also praises Polanski's art at length.

Readers are revolting with a flurry of outraged comments.

"It wasn't rape-rape" said Whoopi Golberg on ABC's The View (Disney).

ABC News praised European media for outrage over the arrest, the other day.

ABC called it a "31 year-old prosecutorial obsession." He had "been hunted since 1978." they reported more recently.

Washinngton Post: The Outrageous Arrest of Roman Polanski, more defense for the man who allegedly drugged a 13 year old girl and sodomized her while she said "no." More outraged comments there. One reader explains the ridiculous column very distinctly: "It's called circling the wagons folks."

She denies knowing that her husband is working for Polanski's release.

L.A. Times' headline misleads when it states he is 'accused' of his crimes. He actually admitted to it.

There is obviously a lot of financial investment in this guy.

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