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Iran Opposition Leaders Face Arrest After Mass Protests

Opposition leaders were attacked as they marched in protests that saw ten of thousands of protesters chanted "death to the dictator!"

Iran granted many foreign reporters visas for the Qud's day. Little did they know the anti-Israel holiday would be co-opted by political opposition.

Police beat protesters and shot tear gas. At least 10 were arrested. More bloggers were arrested.

Many political and clerical leaders have been assassinated in Kurdistan, pro-government officials were killed during Ramadan.

Security forces plan to arrest Moussavi and Mehdi karroubi according to reports.

Reformist leaders have been arrested in recent days.

Regime speakers holler: DEATH TO AMERICA, People holler back: DEATH TO RUSSIA
Regime speakers holler: DEATH TO ISRAEL People holler back: DEATH TO CHINA... More

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