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9/29/09 Ridicules Kitty Werthmann For Warning Of Creeping Naziism

Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs apparently isn't aware that Hitler belonged to the National Socialist Party. He ridicules Werthmann, who is obviously native German, for warning that Obama also is turning "America into a Nazi nation. Or a socialist nation. Or Marxist. Or something else that’s really really bad."

She is actually 100% correct on each point. "Nazi" comes from "National," the name of the Socialist party. It is well documented that Nazis called for equal rights for women, contrary to popular opinion. Propaganda posters calling on women to rise up in the workforce are plentiful. See also here.

Entitlement to guaranteed income, that happened under Nazis. Subsidized housing, food stamps, equality... After the November Revolution, they took away guns and Nazis continued the anti-gun rights trend which led to the Gleichschaltung. Nazis also stressed that everyone needs to work. This can easily be seen in propaganda posters and films. Child indoctrination in child care is a historical fact.

Kitty Werthmann might run with kooks like Alex Jones, but nothing in this video is incorrect. This is just embaressing for Charles.

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