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9/19/09 Cries Racism Over Roy Blunt's "Monkey Problem" Story

LGF's meltdown continues

Blunt used the same story in 2006 in a speech to the Heritage Foundation, a speech that can in no way be construed to be about race. Audio here

I have to agree with Charles Johnson's disdain for Tony Perkins though. He is president of the Family Research Council (which was once anti-Mormon) and has been involved in racist groups. But the cry of racism in Congressman Roy Blunt's speech at the Voter Value summit is ridiculous.

The video takes a snippet of a quote out of context, and it still is clear that he is talking about Al Franken and other non-black liberals.

Charles apparently copied this story from the wacko liberal Daily Kos. Kos even ties the whole thing back to Joe Wilson, after mis-quoting Blunt.

Charles says: "What's happening is that the right wing blogosphere has turned on me like rabid ankle-biting chihuahuas. They're pumping up their readers with hatred against me."

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