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9/15/09 Lie: 'Glenn Beck Makes Up Source For 9/12 Numbers Claim'

Charles Johnson is at it again

Glenn Beck, naturally, falls right in line with the absurdly inflated crowd numbers that are all over the right wing blogs.

His source for this claim?

A ... university somewhere. He can’t remember the name. Just some university that did a ... study.

In that video by radical liberal George Soros' media matters, Beck doesn't remember the university's name, but try this video Johnson! The University of Illinois! Barry's home state.

This video is from last night. LGF and the other liberals blatantly ignored it.

Soros' Media Matters, liberal LGF, Huffington Post, and other radical liberal media push this allegation that Beck is fabricating the numbers.

The study that Beck is referencing was by U of I grad students using aerial photographs.

More on crowd estimates...

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