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Media Lie: Mormon Arsonist "Hates the church and worships the devil"

That's what Officer Pebbles of the Orangeville Police said, and what promptly became national headlines on Sacramento Bee, KCRA, and NBC 8. This false allegation from the idiot police made its way to the democratic underground.

A friend to the alleged 15 year old arsonist tells me she is not at all a Satan-worshipper. The girl has received treatment in mental institutions several times, says my source. She received severe physical abuse from a family member, and there is friction between her and her step-father, says my source. She wears typical teen vampire bracelets and what not, but has never said anything about worshipping the devil, insists my source.

There are much more sordid details to the girl's life that I will not say, but let's just leave it at this: she has an alleged history of mental illness and a pretty messed up life all around.

It is extremely disappointing that Officer Pebbles and the Orangeville Police Department would smear a child's name with allegations of devil worship even before an investigation began. And no, Sacramento Bee, Officer Pebbles is not an investigator, just another stupid cop.

The girl just set fire to a church! What 15-year old wouldn't say she worships the devil?

NBC shamefully smears the girl's mom just after the false devil-worship allegation, with a snippet of a quote: "Well, you know, kids sometimes don't always like what their parents want them to do." Obviously taken out of context, and ZERO mention of mental illness or any other history.

This came from KCRA's report. Their article is just as shameful, but the video is actually not bad.

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