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MSNBC Hammers And Hammers Lies Against Courageous Rep. Joe Wilson

Update! Congress will meet to close the illegal immigrant loophole in the health care bill... the loophole that MSNBC so adamantly denies.

Olbermann was wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

He points out a few instances, a few subtitles, that exclude illegal aliens. Very true. But that covers maybe .01% of the bill. Also, there is no mention how that will be enforced.

The Congressional Research Office agrees. Illegal ALiens Are Covered By Obamacare. 1000% FACT.

MSNBC goes on to attack Joe's claims of death panels, which he was also 1000% correct on. MSNBC screams racism, which is just ridiculous and sad.

After a tirade of smirky belittlement and lies, MSNBC implores "the time has come to take this country back." Ummm, don't the Democrats hold power of all 3 branched, including a filibuster-proof Senate?


bonnie said...

Does anyone even listen to him anymore?

Dr B said...

Good point. But Huffington Post dedicated an article to this video and it got 27 pages of comments.