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MSNBC Lies: Obama "Debunks." Rep. Wilson "Wrong On A Number Of Levels"

Update! Congress will meet to close the illegal immigrant loophole in the health care bill... the loophole that MSNBC so adamantly denies.

The media is in full spin mode, as they try to put a heavenly glow on Obama's awful speech, spinning the Bush-blame, the Kennedy exploitation, and the scare tactics:

MSNBC claims Obama was "debunking some popular myths," that "so-called death panels were debunked."

The Associated Press admitted that Obama told some lies but while their report doesn't talk about the illegal immigrant issue, it does reveal that MSNBC is lying about the "debunking."

MSNBC says "as he debunked another myth about illegal immigrants getting coverage."

They report that Rep. Joe Wilson was "wrong on a number of levels" for shouting Obama lied. But his "reputation" says MSNBC is "pretty much tarnished forever."

MSNBC is dead wrong. There may be dispute over whether the bill explicitly says illegals are covered but it is clear the bill will not provide any system for checking citizenship status.

Also, Obama brought his number of uninsured down to 30 million. He used to claim 42 million. But now those illegal immigrants don't count, so...

More on the illegal immigration issue...

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