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Pew: Fox News Viewers Much More Critical Of Media

There are a few surprises in the latest Pew Research poll:

Democrats have particularly become much more critical of the media. For example, less Republicans think the media is too critical of America. Yet Fox News viewers are still by far the greatest majority that think so.

A whopping 73% of Republicans say coverage of Obama has been fair in the media. Less Democrats think so, however this follows a historical trend: the party in power thinks the media is unfair. The same trend holds true for criticism of political leaders in the media.

Republicans have a much lower favorability of network television, yet enjoy local TV news. Democrats love network news more than newspapers or local news.

Overall, people overwhelmingly say the media is often inaccurate, favors one side, won't admit mistakes, politically biased, unprofessional, LIBERAL, and influenced by powerful organizations. Republicans have stronger opinions in each category.

CNN has a 75% approval rating with Democrats, but Fox News has only a 74% approval rating among Republicans. MSNBC has only 60% among Democrats. Each media source other than Fox News has a much lower approval rating among Republicans.

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