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The Unbelievable Antioch Kidnapping/Torture; AP Leaves More Questions And No Answers

Who was the judge that cut his sentence more than in half?

Who were the parole officers who didn't do even a portion of their duty?

Who were the idiot police officers who only shook his hand and left upon learning that the pedophile had two little children living in tents in his backyard?

Why is there no investigation happening about all the incompetence in the government, incompetence that turned four young girls' innocence into a lifetime of absolute hell?

I was left asking these questions after reading the Associated Press report on the incomprehensible kidnapping story in Antioch.

AP won't give this name: J. B. Kiehlbach, who now might be living in Riverdale, Georgia. He examined Garrido and reported the “prognosis for successful transition into the community is considered very good,” that the likelihood that Garrido would commit more crimes was “minimal,” leading to his early release.

One J.B. Kiehlbauch signed a resolution to legalize drugs, and here. He pushed meditation as a method of rehabilitation.

Who were the Nevada state judge and members of the parole board? That information is not to be found.

Here's a quick summary:

The guy messed up the first time he kidnapped and raped a little girl in his "sex palace." He got caught and was sentenced to 50 years. He served less than half that. He immediately kidnapped another little girl, Jaycee Lee Dugard. He held her captive in his back yard for 18 years, during which time he raped and tortured her. She gave birth to 2 children from him, which he also kept locked up.

The neighbors called the police to let them know a registered pedophile had children living in tents in his back yard. It was common knowledge in the neighborhood. But the genius police simply knocked on his door, shook his hand, and walked away.

The man often told people God spoke to him through boxes, and gave other insane ramblings. He considered himself a prophet.

What about the routine home visits by parole officers? Obviously they never happened. They claim they did. AP claims this in their report. But come on. Really. They didn't.

At long last, after Berkeley campus police complained about the pedophile bringing two strange little girls to a crazy religious event, the parole police decided they might actually try doing something, rather than getting paid to do nothing, which is standard in the California government. They held a meeting. Apparently when the man showed up to the meeting with the two children they thought maybe something was wrong.

This is just too incredible. Absolute incompetence on so many levels.

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Who is John Galt? said...

This is a horrible reminder that our local and especially state level authorities are not doing their job to protect us from sex criminals. There should be hell to pay for this.