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Update: Rifqa Interviewed By Police Without Lawyer Present... But CAIR Was!

The Rifqa Barry case is spiraling out of control.

No attorney or guardian was allowed in the three hour police interview of Rifqa. This breach of constitutional freedom is bad enough. But not only that, Florida police had Mr. Babak Darvish, Executive Director of the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Columbus and Mr. Romin Iqbal, Staff Attorney for CAIR OHIO there during the interview to intimidate her and breath down her neck.

Florida refused to investigate the family's mosque or any religious involvement. "An investigation into any person, religious or social organization without a specific identifiable criminal predicate is inappropriate."

Newsweek is the latest liberal media shilling against the Christian convert.

Florida found no credible threat against Rifqa.


Corrupt Democrat Governor Strickland of Ohio said Rifqa should be returned. Strickland is on CAIR's payroll. Dirty politics will kill this girl. more...

I reported earlier Rifqa was allegedly beaten and sexually abused by her family and faces death for converting from Islam to Christianity

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