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Video: MSNBC Disrupts, Throws Fit At Voter Value Summit

Why in the world would MSNBC think it's okay to give a loud TV report in the middle of a conference hall while speakers are talking to an audience?

RIP big-shot media!

NBC's reaction: "And somebody here not liking what we are talking about now...

We are invited guests, and we are doing a live television show! Well there you go, not everybody is a fan of MSNBC today.

I guess they don't want to hear... I guess they don't want people know what's going on in their value summit, even though the press has been invited in, huh?

...I guess it's equal opportunity shouting-down.

Try to interview her, Brian...

Come here! We are on live with MSNBC. Please don't touch the microphone! Tell us what your thought is?

"My thought is, you are rude to do this in front of the public..."

"Okay, even though we are a credentialld press brought here to tell your story and bring it out to the world. Instead of... okay [smile] okay...

Okay, continuing our report now... it sounds like the people that organized that value voter summit didn't organize it very well, because they didn't seem to put the press in a way where you guess could do reporting about what's going on and not be harassed! I mean they have a right to hear, but you guys have a right to report!

The security people just grabbed somebody and escorted them right out, so...

A member of the press, or one of the people that were harassing you?...

You are a good man, for holding down the fort there, even though you were getting heckled there. We appreciate it.

I would have interrupted, but I thought it made good television to really see what goes on at a lot of these events! Because sometimes people come to reporters and shout us down and tell us to get out of there, even though we are allowing more people to see what's going on there.

Not only that, as you said he's telling the story, but also those cameras... we can't just make television quietly... I thought he was being as respectful as possible, but clearly they knew those cameras were set up there. [obviously they didn't know a reporter would stand in front of those cameras and yap during the whole presentation!] It's not just one person walking in, you got a cameraman, a crew, sound guys...

The credentialled press!

The credentialled press, and as he referenced, and there were other networks there, other channels, so this couldn't have been a surprise!

They're welcome to close their private event to the press if they don't want us there. All those people paid for it. But they didn't do that. They invited the press in, and then they are rude to the press!

Well in their defense, we are not exactly who it was. Right? Because the one woman talked about 'I paid to come here' so that makes me think she is not one of the organizers. So we'll have to wait and see...

Well I think... I mean they paid for the event, all these people who attend have to pay to hear all these great speakers [sarcastic.]

I can't believe they let them in. That's amazing.

Fox News has the decency to move, though they weren't happy about it either.

1 comment:

Who is John Galt? said...

I tell you, the nerve of those crazy right wing mobsters in asking MSNBC to pipe down so they can hear the speaker. Don't they know who they are?! They're __THE PRESS__. (cue singing angels.) They are never wrong and they are NEVER to blame. And don't touch the microphone...