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Washington Post: Japanese Democrats "Throw The Bums Out"

Hope and Change have come to Japan!

Japanese Voters Eager for Change

They are speaking about the Democrat Party winning the elections of course, and with any Democrat victory, the media is not shy about personal insults against the pro-America opposition:

"Japanese voters are on the brink of doing something they have not been willing to do in more than half a century: throw the bums out."

The old LDP party, you see, was "stagnant, sclerotic and poisonously unpopular," and the prime minister had "tone-deaf leadership."

The Washington Post mentions one grievance, "waiting lists" for day care and tuition for schools, but fail to mention a bigger issue: Japan's socialized healthcare. Voters have agreed with the winning party's slogan: Japan "desperately needs a better social-insurance and health-care system," according to Newsweek.

We wouldn't want that little bit to get out, and undercut the propaganda from New York Times and NPR that Japan's socialized healthcare is better.

The Washington Post glosses over the anti-U.S. sentiment of the winning party, stating that they only want to keep their alliance with the U.S. the same. This couldn't be further from the truth. Hatoyama has promised to stop providing ships for refueling American ships in the Indian Ocean.

WaPost goes on to paint Hatoyama as a capitalist while in truth he is an anticapitalist.

Wall Street Journal uses the same phraze "throw the bums out" in their headline, but it sits in their opinion section and has less editorial than the Wa Post article!

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