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AP Calls Racist Offical Republican, Ignores His Life-Long Democrat History

How did I know Associated Press would pull this?

Earlier I reported that Keith Bardwell who refused to marry an interracial couple very recently became Republican after a lifetime as a Democrat. I further reported that the Louisiana official refused 4 other couples in the last 2 years, probably during his time as Democrat, but the media ignored it back then.

AP simply reports: "Bardwell, a Republican, has served as justice of peace for 34 years." As they report that Bardewell did this many times before, AP falsely insinuates that he is a life-long Republican. The opposite is pretty much true.

Bardwell got in trouble with the state attorney general three years ago for his racism... when he was a Democrat.

1 comment:

Steven Fitzpatrick Smith said...

hmmm. Why would a lifelong racist Democrat switch over to the Republican party? What about the Republicans lured him?