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AP Continues Attack On Honduras "Coup" Government. Salem News calls for bloodshed.

The Associated Press continues to falsely call Honduras a "coup-installed government."

The constitution of Honduras very clearly demanded that Zelaya be impeached. The Library of Congress agree.

During talks with "most of the international community" (actually on 12 countries), "Interim President" Micheletti (actually it's "president") was "bristling with rage." He "scolded the diplomats" as they "sat stone-faced, a few rubbing their eyes in apparent fatigue during his outburst."

AP should have gone on to describe Micheletti's sinister mustache and black cape!

AP quotes Peter Kent of Canada: "However [the coup] happened... whatever his behavior in recent years, [Zelaya] was undemocratically removed."

It's called impeachment you fool! Impeachment. It exists! And it is democratic!

AP claims success in the illegal attacks against Honduras, that sanctions have "paralyzed this impoverished Central American nation." The Associated Press cheers the leaders of the international community- meaning only 12 countries, for taking bread away from the tables of "one of the poorest countries in the hemisphere." Other sources claim 6% GDP has been lost.

AP falsely reports there were "riot police firing tear gas to disperse about 200 Zelaya supporters." If anyone can show me images or video of the riot police, tear gas, or 200 protesters, I would love to see them!

The Salem News calls for a violent revolution against the government, reporting that: "the Honduran people will need to defeat the police and the army by force of arms." (Eagle Tribune Publishing Company)

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