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AP fabricates poll, covers up assassination of Honduras "Coup" leader

The Associated Press touts a Gallup poll with the headline "three-fourths of Hondurans believe presidential ballot will end coup crisis."

This headline is blatantly false.

In June, Gallup found only 29% of Hondurans believe there was a coup. Most said Honduras is headed toward a better Democracy. We at APCheck have debunked the "coup" fabrication many times. AP inserted the word coup in this latest poll.

The Associated Press deceptively makes it sound like Zelaya has public favorability:

Gallup said 42 percent of the 1,420 people polled felt Zelaya is the legitimate president, while 36 percent cited Roberto Micheletti, who was chosen by Congress to be interim president after the June 28 coup. Eighteen percent of the respondents said neither man is the real president, and 3 percent had no opinion.

Why did AP spell out the number, eighteen percent rather than 18%? Only for the statistic of people who thought neither man was rightful president? It is reasonable to think that neither man is the rightful president because Micheletti is only an interim president. Interim!! The name admits that he isn't rightful president, he is only there to fill space. AP cleverly gives a number figure for each statistic except the 18% of Hondurans who understand what the word interim means, covering up that statistic and making it sound like the majority of Hondurans want Zelaya back, which isn't true.

AFP contradicts AP, claiming the poll cites 75%, not 73%, who think the the elections will solve the crisis. (They also omit the word "coup.) AP may have fabricated their entire report on the poll.

We don't know because no media will actually give the raw numbers of the poll. Earlier, Gallup found that most Hondurans don't approve of Zelaya. AP now claims that has risen to 52%.

The American media has completely ignored the assassination of Micheletti's nephew. AFP, AP, Reuters, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, NYT, etc. all silent. If Fidel Castro or Zelaya bumped his knee it would be all over the news, much less an assassination! Now if that isn't bias I don't know what is!

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