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AP pushes Obama spin: "Pledges not to rush" Afghanistan help

"Pledge" was the headline on The Associated Press title is "Obama says he will not rush Afghanistan decision."

As he "mourned" American soldiers recently killed, Obama said he "will not be hurried as he evaluates whether to alter U.S. strategy in the war." Somehow AP spins this into a good thing.

The media is doing its best to spin Obama's policy in Afghanistan as successful. Newsweek dedicated most of their magazine to praises for Biden's strategy of waiting until after the elections. But the cold hard logical truth is that more troops will mean less deaths. It has worked every time before and it is logical.

AP quotes Democrats who say such a thing would be "too ambitious." AP quotes Democrat John Kerry who says it "goes too far, too fast," as if Kerry knows what he is talking about, ever.

But we are supposed to praise Obama for giving us a "clear mission with defined goals and the equipment needed to get the job done."

It is not happening!!!

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