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AP Troubled By Obama's Attacks On Fox News

The Associated Press called Obama's internet response to Glenn Beck's commentaries: "unusually confrontational — and calculated."

The White House blog blasts Fox News for "Fox lies... repeated by Glenn Beck and others on the network." Specially the blog defends Obama's European tour that seeks to win Chicago the Olympics.

AP reports that Obama turns to "Pulitzer Prize-winning" that "debunked claims that White House political director Patrick Gaspard had ties to ACORN." AP doesn't point out that is very liberal biased. Politifact lied about ACORN's receiving $8.5 billion federal funds in the future.

Politifact praised Sonia Sotomayor as having "powerful intellect who demonstrates compassion and a common touch." Politifact reported "McCain's straight talk has become a toxic mix of lies and double-speak." Former publisher Nelson Poynter said of JFK's assassinator: "I was hoping it would be a right-winger."

Bad source, AP.

AP defends Obama's uncivil political attacks on Fox News. They just needed to "stay abreast of viral information spreading at lightning speed." They quote a a Democratic strategist who covers for the President's attack on media: "not to read too much into the use of the word 'lies.'"

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