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Cheers! Letterman Sex Scandal, Conan O'Brien Gets Concussion

Late night comedy has turned ugly lately. First, Conan O'Brien went to the hospital when he slammed his head on the stage and received a concussion. Then David Letterman went to the police when a staffer tried to blackmail him for sleeping around with several staffers.

The truly disturbing thing is how NBC and CBS simply celebrated it and aired it for ratings. They re-aired it several times now, complete with O'Brien's senseless mumblings after he received the head injury, they milked it for all it's worth.

The audience laughed and cheered when David Letterman admitted to have affairs with several staffers. It became just another comedy routine. Can you imagine what the "appropriate reaction" would be if any conservative did that?

Oh but David Letterman is the victim in all this!

He's a liberal and liberals are victims. (Rule #1)

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