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Death-Threats in comments on my China youtube videos

Update... dragonblood911 says "long live People's Republic of China! we will ride on your corpse."

Here's a couple recent death threats I have received in replies to several videos I created about China's fake spacewalk a little while ago:

  • From pleasantlysurprising: "you are blessed with good physical condition but your mind and thoughts are pure evil to make this kinds of bias and lying videos. May God spare your soul when you deceased."
  • From originalrhombus: "You feel a need to disguise your voice, do you? Too late. We already know where you live."

    My reply: "Is that a threat?"

    originalrhombus: "Yes. Watch your step."
  • There are many much more explicitly hateful comments, plenty of ant-American, anti-white, and anti-Christian comments.

    1 comment:

    Anonymous said...

    LOL. 'originalrhombus' sounds like one of those guys who lives in his mother's basement playing world of war craft, experiencing no real human interaction, saying crap behind the safety of his computer screen, but really it's nothin' but words. a lot of tough talk from a little quadrilateral. ah, i love the internet.