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Media Misreports Honduras Deal

newMajority has a good summary of the unsurprising bias and mainstream media spin concerning Zelaya's 'return to power.'

"“There seems to be plenty of misreporting on this initially… The [Washington] Post and some other places have reported that Clinton has said that the agreement says that Zelaya will return to power, but this is not accurate as far as I can tell,” said Ian Vasquez, director of the Cato Institute’s Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity, in an interview with NewMajority.

“They’re reporting that it’s a done deal. My understanding… is that Congress will have to vote [on his return],” agreed Ray Walser, the Heritage Foundation’s Senior Policy Analyst for Latin America.

According to Walser, media outlets are “hastily reporting a deal which is still far more complex and fragile [than is being said].”

While Manuel Zelaya has told a Honduran radio station that “this [accord] signifies my return to power in the coming days,” the reality is that the agreement only concedes that Congress, in consultation with the Supreme Court, will vote on whether he can return.

The misrepresentation seems to originate from Hillary Clinton, who is desperately trying to make it look resolved and a foreign policy triumph for the Obama administration.

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Anonymous said...

Of course the administration is trying to play this up as a triumph. They have absolutely nothing else to show for Obama's time in office. Wait, except for the Nobel Prize. That was big.