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Michelle Malkin's 'Hot Air' Misquotes Mitt Romney

Allahpundit at Video: RomneyCare was never about lowering costs, says Mitt

Here's the video. Listen very closely.

HotAir quotes American Spectator, which quotes WSJ, which quotes Romney in 2006: "...the costs of health care will be reduced."

But the blog doesn't give the context for this snippet of quote. Romney goes on to explain how health care costs will be reduced: "health insurance will now be affordable and subsidized."

The cost is reduced for the individual patient because it is subsidized. In this recent CNN interview, Romney makes it clear that he's talking about healthcare costs overall. He couldn't reduce the cost of healthcare overall, but he was able to reduce the cost passed on to the individual patient.

This interview wasn't about cost to the individual patient, it was about Obama's attempt to reduce healthcare costs overall. "That's a whole different topic." Michelle Malkin has joined the flip-flop smear campaign using snippets of quotes.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

When I initially read this post, I gave Malkin the benefit of the doubt and assumed that she didn't know what Romney was referring to. However, in viewing the video with the entire explanation, Romney makes it VERY clear that he was talking about getting individuals covered, not the lowering the cost of healthcare overall. She should have known this. I wonder what's up with her...